At Plan On College, it is our goal to simplify the college process for you through our unique and customized coaching and consulting programs. All of our coaching programs are student focused and all of our coaches take the time to get to know you and encourage you to find your full potential. In a laid back, one-on-one atmosphere, you’ll be able to focus on your goals while exploring new and exciting opportunities, college choices, and career possibilities for your future.

The following are the coaching options that are available through Plan On College:


Students will:

  • Explore and discover their “true-north” and align talents, values, and passions with the right career.
  • Achieve enjoyment, purpose, and direction that will propel them towards greater personal success.
  • Gain clarity, meaning, and fulfillment by understanding their motivations, personality style, and interests.
  • Determine which major to choose, and which colleges to apply to.
  • Equipped with this information, every student will be prepared for a fulfilling, successful career.


Students will:

  • Connect their unique advantages, strengths and passions to their “true-fit” college.
  • Determine the colleges that are a great match for their goals.
  • Create an accurate college list.
  • Develop an effective college application.
  • Sharpen their college essay strategy.
  • Navigate and work toward success throughout the application process.


Students will:

  • Learn a systematic approach to facilitate goal-directed behavior.
  • Develop time management procedures and learn to prioritize and plan.
  • Transform disorganized patterns into successful organized habits.
  • Eliminate procrastination to better start, execute and complete projects.
  • Unlock potential by cultivating independence, accountability, and self-direction.
  • Discover additional free time and use it to develop new interests and talents.
  • Learn how to accept responsibility for their decisions.



Coaching for the student is a program tailored for the individual and may include:

  • Life skills coaching & college goal setting.
  • Guidance every step of the way through the college years which is essential to keep the student focused and on track towards graduation goals and their “true-north.”
  • Continued maintainance to support an emotionally healthy perspective throughout the college years.
  • Guidance towards clarity, meaning, purpose and fulfillment, while reducing stress and worry.
  • Greater personal and professional success.